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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
It could be that Sox wanted to, but simply were unable to acquire anyone to replace AJ as opposed to simply deciding to give the job to Flowers.

I don't know what the FA situation was for catchers last year. It could be that Hahn had a payroll limit that he already was at or above and didn't have the ability to sign a veteran catcher. If they were looking to acquire a serviceable catcher via trade, maybe they just didn't have the enough valuable players to trade away to make such an acquisition.

I'm just trying to give Hahn the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't just simply sold on Flowers being good enough to be a major league starting catcher. They probably weren't really expecting the Sox to be serious playoff contenders this year regardless of who was catcher. So, maybe they felt Flowers would be enough of a stop gap for this year.

I sincerely can't believe anyone though Tyler would prove to be THIS BAD if handed the starting job. Last year in limited at bats, he still hit .213/.296/.412. Not great numbers, but better than what he is doing now. His numbers are down across the board. In fact, last year, in his limited time, he did acquire 1.0 WAR, which if extrapolated to 162 games would have been about 2.5-3.0 for a full season, which is acceptable starter-level performance.

I don't fault the Sox at all in seeing what they had with Flowers, but his time has to be running out, especially with Phegley crushing the ball in AAA right now. There's got to come a time when you just throw him to the wolves, too, and see if he can make it.

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