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Originally Posted by FielderJones View Post

His hit rate is identical to last year. His walk rate is higher by over 1 per 9 innings. To me, that's not tipping pitches, that's not finding the ****ing plate. Jones needs to throw strike 1, get ahead, and stop giving away free passes.
Yeah. If I remember correctly, Jones was never much of a heralded prospect, even in the Sox's relatively bare organization. He was the Spring Training surprise of 2012 who pitched well enough to earn the 25th spot on the Opening Day roster and stuck around. But bullpen production is notoriously streaky, even for veterans, let alone young guys who made a huge developmental leap. Perhaps having 71 innings of MLB tape on the kid has allowed other teams to scout him a bit better now.

All that said, for as good as Jones' numbers looked last year, let's not forget he allowed something like 45% of all inherited runners to score, as well. So while I do think he has a promising arm, let's not pretend like the guy was coming off a year in which he was flat-out dominant. Stats like W-L record and ERA tell a very, very small part of the story, especially for middle inning relievers.

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