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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
That's a load of ****, if you're going to get all angry that I'm "personally attacking" you because I am calling your idea dumb, then you're not allowed to pretend you aren't attacking Cooper who has undoubtedly been one of the key staffers who have designed Danks' rehab, because you think his plan is dumb, too.

Sorry, you don't get to have your cake and eat it, too.
I don't care if you think my idea sucks.

I don't like having my position misrepresented. In conversation, this is called "putting words in someone's mouth." You misrepresented my position. Period.

The universe is the practical joke of the General at the expense of the Particular, quoth Frater Perdurabo, and laughed. The disciples nearest him wept, seeing the Universal Sorrow. Others laughed, seeing the Universal Joke. Others wept. Others laughed. Others wept because they couldn't see the Joke, and others laughed lest they should be thought not to see the Joke. But though FRATER laughed openly, he wept secretly; and really he neither laughed nor wept. Nor did he mean what he said.
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