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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I thought I'd made it pretty clear I think the idea is pretty ****ing stupid.

Yeah, you have probably 1% of the information and experience of the guy you're second guessing so... Yes. Definitely.

He's also a better pitcher than Santiago or Axelrod.
By the reasoning of your second point, we could maybe just call it a day and shut down internet sports forums. And sports talk radio. Heck, any forums about anything where normal everyday people talk about things they aren't directly involved with could be considered pointless.

Is Danks a better pitcher than Santiago at this point? He'll be given every chance to prove that he is since he's a veteran with a big contract and a past history of success, but he's also coming off of shoulder surgery and had to delay the start of his season because he was throwing in the mid 80s during spring training, was still apparently barely hitting 90 in his rehab starts, and walked 12 guys in 15.2 AAA innings. Santiago might get plagued by some control issues here and there too, but his stuff looks pretty darn impressive on a regular basis, and he gets people out. Danks was a better pitcher than Santiago from 2008 to 2011ish (minus his lousy first half that year), but do we know for sure that he still is or will be moving forward?
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