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One thing I think gets lost in this is that strikeouts aren't just another out. Yes, a ground out and a strikeout are both 1 out. However, a normal BABIP is about .300, so for every strikeout you take away, you can expect about .3 hits. So with Dunn, if he cut his strikeouts in half, you'd expect about 8 more hits so far this year. That's a different between a .163 average and a .216. It's a .302 obp instead of .256. Now, cutting his k's in half is a tall order, but every k he shaves off is at least a chance for something good to happen.

Or another way to say it. If an out is inevitable, a strikeout is the same as any other out. When you put the ball in play, an out is never inevitable. So while we can relax a little bit and understand that strikeouts aren't as evil as we used to think, I'd still rather have players that can put the bat on the ball at a good rate.
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