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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
Despite the strikeouts today's hitters are producing more runs per game than the league has since the 40's. Maybe they actually know what they're doing after all? ...
Even if both runs and strikeouts were at an all-time high, you shouldn't draw the conclusion that strikeouts being at an all-time high contributed to runs being at an all-time high. The two facts might not be related. There are so many factors that come into play in comparing run production in two eight-teams leagues with two 15-league teams, one of which employs the DH. Actually, I find it odd that the two major league teams that struck out the least last season had pitcher in the lineup in more than 150 games, but I draw no conclusions from that fact alone.

Hypothetically, I can imagine someone coming up with an argument that strikeouts are improving offense because they force pitchers to throw more pitches in this pitch-count-obsessed era that the best pitchers aren't going deeper into games. I'm not sure how I would respond.

But I don't see how putting up more outs without forcing the defense to make plays to get hitters out can help your offense. Even in tonight's White Sox loss, the White Sox scored their first run because the hitter with a 3-2 count put the ball in play with the runner going. A strikeout could have resulted in a double play. Not sending the runner leaves the White Sox scoreless. One of the things I think has been limiting the White Sox offense this year is the enormous number of strikeouts.
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