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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
He has a point.

As much as we like to blame the past and present Sox GMs, managers and hitting coaches for our group of homer-happy, low RISP, high K, free swingers - a lot of this is on the players.

More HRs = higher salaries and players have a financial interest to swing away. With PEDs on the decline and pitchers increasingly having the upper hand over hitters, there's even more of an incentive.

When the Greg Walker witch hunt was in full swing (admittedly I was a participant) he'd frequently say how the players were prepared for better ABs, but when they step up to the plate it all goes out the window.
The jacked up ball is to blame for this. HRs are a fan draw but every Tom, Dick and Harry is swinging for the fences. Look at a guy like Alexei and some others, with 2 strikes on them, instead of cutting down on their swing and trying to put the ball in play they are still swinging as hard as they can.
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