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Matt Thornton has lost just enough off that fastball,which has always been laser straight, to be pretty hittable at this point.

But, as indicated, he has been effective until the last couple of games,so we have to hope it is just a bit of a drought.

I have not had confidence in Matt for awhile,but Veal has seemingly lost his fine control from last year,so Sox need Matt as a lefty out of the pen.

Bottom line, good game for the Sox. Great job getting out of that jam in the 7th by Crain,who has Marco Bellinini-sized stones.

Jose once again was super solid until he had to pitch out of the stretch.
This is a recurring problem for Jose. That little hitch in his full windup is very decieving for the batter,and a great rythmn move for Jose. But once he has guys on base, he loses that hitch out of the stretch and then he struggles. I am sure Coop is trying to help him get over that hump.
Jose,Axe,and even Hector,have all been very key guys to rally back into this race....keep it goin.

Oh,and kepp finally gets that first homer as a Sox and was a huge one. Loved the two out run production again...all year it has been a bright spot.

As for ''El Stallione''...I assumed it was a nickname for Rios down in PR,but maybe just Hawk doing an Carlos Lee deal.
I actually like it,because Rios seems like a flat thoroughbred racehorse out there....tall,lean,strong,athletic,graceful....he is certainly a pretty baseball player to watch,period.
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