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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
So during all of the seasons he dominated as a setup man, he just happened to avoid all of the tight ball games?

People talk all the time about how there is a different mindset when you pitch as a closer and try to get those last 3 outs. Thornton didn't have the right mindset to succeed in that role. It apparently has carried over into anytime he pitches in a close game the last few seasons. He simply cannot be counted on. If you feel confident with him coming in a close game thats fine but I sure as hell don't. In fact I would love to see his role diminished so everyone else would stop having to come in and clean up his messes.

I think its wrong to automatically dismiss the importance of "mental makeup" in performances. Gavin Floyd had ace stuff but for whatever reason couldn't put it together. He had trouble pitching with a lead in recent years. Seemed like a mental thing to me.
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