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Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
I don't care if you're a fan or not. I just don't know why, if something makes you so miserable and you hate it so much, you continue to call yourself a fan of it and continue to discuss how much you dislike it on the internet.
Who appointed you the WSI fan police?

You don't like the direction the organization is taking? THEN WHY STAY A FAN? WHY ARE YOU STILL A FAN? ANSWER MY QUESTION!

Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
I'm willing to bet, statistically speaking across American averages based on body fat %s, that Prince Fielder is less fat than you.
....which has absolutely nothing to do with Prince Fielder's or any other player's ability to play baseball.

Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
Man, if I could only be half as intelligent or awesome as you...
Just because you're a smart ass to everyone here doesn't make you right. I thought this thread was supposed to be about Hahn's rebuilding thoughts but it's been hijacked by you ripping on other posters and making bull**** arguments about why other people are still fans (and how fat they are).

WSI Sox Slow Start Excuse-O-Meter
- Poor play in spring training doesn't matter (2005!)
- It's still April
- It's early May
- Wait until Memorial Day before worrying about anything
- Wait until the weather gets warmer
- '83 Sox! '05 Astros!

- Still time to turn things around in 2nd half
- In Aug/Sept: Another lost season - time to bring back Ventura & Co for 2016.
Special mention: - Blame Sox fans for not showing up to games as soon as the team has one winning streak.