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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
There's no conspiracy. They are just wrong a great percentage of the time. I am a fan because I am a fan. I support them at all turns even if I think they are goddamn morons. I may not pay attention to every game because it is a waste of my time at this point, but I still look to see the score every day and hope that it is a White Sox Winner. Just because I see no hope for them either (1) winning the division in 2013 or (2) being capable of building any kind of young hope for the future in the near future doesn't mean I am not a fan.

But go ahead, take my Fan Card. It's good for a free hot dog with a two-inning line wait at the Cell. And if we call them the Rainbow White Sox, even better, no?
I don't care if you're a fan or not. I just don't know why, if something makes you so miserable and you hate it so much, you continue to call yourself a fan of it and continue to discuss how much you dislike it on the internet.
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