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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'm in this camp, too. I don't believe the White Sox MLB roster is "terrible" or "pathetic." Underachieving? To this point, yes. Frustrating? Sure. The Sox have several hitters producing below their career norms. In addition, the team has been hurt by injuries to key personnel. Despite that, they've managed to hang around. They are one winning streak away from being right back in the division race.

I'm not sure people know what "terrible and pathetic" means. I don't think the Sox have had a team that has fit that definition in some years. Probably 2007 would be the closest, but it's been awhile since this organization has had a 95- or 100-loss season.

If they trade Peavy, Rios, Konerko, Ramirez, Crain and Thornton, as some here seem to want, they will become "terrible and pathetic" because they don't have any MLB-ready prospects to replace them.

I just can't support the nuclear option. I don't see how it makes sense. The organization is better served to ride it out with these guys and see if they can turn it around. If they stay in the hunt into July, Hahn should try to add a bat and maybe a bullpen arm and take a shot at it. Why not?

It's real easy to sit here and say the Sox should trade any and all veterans who have value. But who exactly do you want to replace them with?
I want another summer of in the hunt baseball. Is it possible? I dont know but we should in about a month. At that point decisions will have to be made, if our summer is over by then Thornton and Crain are FAs after this year so thats a easy one. Paul is a FA after this year and might be done and can not be counted on for the future. Ramirez, Peavy and Rios are tricky. They are not really that expensive for how they are playing but will they really make much of a difference in the future of this team? Also what type of return will you get for them?

I guess the best I can hope for is one more summer of competitive baseball. If the Sox can get back into it in the next month, I would love for management to go balls out at the trade deadline. This may be the last shot in quite sometime but I am talking as a fan not someone that has a financial interest in the team.