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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Defensively? Maybbbbeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I think we overrate Gordon's glove sometimes. Metrically his stats are not great, but he does pass the eye test. That leads me to believe he is above average, but not sensational....

The Sox have a solid rotation, but not a tremendously deep one. They have the makings of a good bullpen, but again, not a great one. Lineup is really bad. Like, one of the worst in professional baseball bad. Maybe I am wrong, but the idea you can win a world series with an offense in the bottom 5 does not sit well with me. We are just not a talented team. I mean, what is more likely, a bad offense magically becomes better, or some sketchy young SP come back down to earth?
If you can count on sketchy young SPs coming down to Earth, you have to also allow for veteran hitters to, erm, come up to Earth as well. When Konerko and Keppinger rebound it'll be like trading two scrubs for two good bats. The chances of them hitting .220 and .199 for the entire season are incredibly slim.

Solid rotation, solid pen, slightly below average offense -- that's more likely what we have. So, you know, 75-80 wins, which is pretty much what most of us expected. With a little bit of overachieving and a sneaky good trade or two it could be a fun summer.