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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Defensively? Maybbbbeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I think we overrate Gordon's glove sometimes. Metrically his stats are not great, but he does pass the eye test. That leads me to believe he is above average, but not sensational....

The Sox have a solid rotation, but not a tremendously deep one. They have the makings of a good bullpen, but again, not a great one. Lineup is really bad. Like, one of the worst in professional baseball bad. Maybe I am wrong, but the idea you can win a world series with an offense in the bottom 5 does not sit well with me. We are just not a talented team. I mean, what is more likely, a bad offense magically becomes better, or some sketchy young SP come back down to earth?
The Sox offense is also getting well below career average production from Keppinger, Konerko, and Alexei (this doesn't even mention Dunn) so it's not like the offense has been bad despite all cylinders clicking. I agree the Sox offense does leave a lot on the table, but I think it's a half-truth, at best to say the only way for some of these guys to pick up the slack is only magic.

People will see what they want to see. The biggest thing right now is that the 100+ win Tiger team we thought we'd have to deal with has not shown up yet. Everyone seems to forget how mediocre Detroit was all last season before heating up at the right time, catching an exhausted Yankees team, before getting blown out of the World Series by another run-of-the mill NL team that caught fire.

ALL THAT SAID, there's a lot of talk in a thread that is clearly based on Hahn feeding the media a bold faced lie. Of course the Sox have a plan to unload some veteran players if need be. I would assume they had it before the season started. But they're inexplicably hanging around again. Last season's Tigers team didn't even get above .500 until July 7 last season. There's absolutely no reason for the Sox not to try for it if they can keep pace in the division.

The Sox look to be better than what most people give them credit for. I assume they're not as well liked, even by our own fans, because they don't do things the "sexy," headline-grabbing way. They don't do the Rays-style and load up on blue chip prospects or the Dodgers/Angels-style and sign every FA to a moster deal. The Sox make subtle moves, like signing Jose Quintana, a guy who never pitched above A-ball last year, to a minor league deal. Or develop guys like Santiago and Axelrod (each taken in the 30th round) into interesting MLB pitchers. When you look at the make-up of this team, it's actually a bunch of grinders or blue collar guys who earned everything they have in this sport. This is the kind of a team you should want to root for. But I guess that's not what people want.

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