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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
It is sad, but would anyone not trade places with the Cubs right now? Atleast having a highly regarded Farm system makes the rebuild stomachable. The Sox are basically stuck in baseball hell, absolutely terrible, pathetic MLB roster and an equally pathetic farm system.
Honestly no, because for all the hype of their young players like Starlin, Rizzo, Soler, etc. they have not yet been able to prove they can identify or develop pitching. The Sox, for all their woes, do seem to at least be able to cultivate arms; who would have thought that as we enter the last week of May that Hector, Quintana, and Axelrod would have pitched well enough to justify a SP spot when Danks returns. For all the flash and sizzle the Cubs rebuild gets, they still have not proven they can find any solution to their organization's serious lack of quality pitchers.

That said, neither team is in a real good place right now. But I don't, at all, think it is a given that in say, 2016, 2017, or 2018 the Cubs will DEFINITELY be a better team than the Sox as the organizations are cosnstucted right now.

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