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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I wonder if winning the WS after the initial spike, has actually hurt the White Sox long term. Fans aren't impressed with being in first place every day for a few months, 85-90 win seasons are considered huge failures. There is no doubt the Sox should have taken advantage of all the advantages they have had over their AL Central counterparts over the years, and they did not.
I think there could be some merit to this thought. I know the general vibe of this site has changed quite a bit since the WS. I think "back in the day" Sox fans weren't any more pessimistic than they are now, I just think there was a little bit more sarcasm and humor around than there seems to be now. I don't know that spoiled would be an appropriate word, but things Sox fans used to be pretty excited about now is generally a source of complaints.
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