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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I wonder if winning the WS after the initial spike, has actually hurt the White Sox long term. Fans aren't impressed with being in first place every day for a few months, 85-90 win seasons are considered huge failures. There is no doubt the Sox should have taken advantage of all the advantages they have had over their AL Central counterparts over the years, and they did not.

People rip Boyer, but really, he is in a position right now where he cannot succeed. There are no promotions that are going to dramatically improve the gate. There is no ad campaign that will do it either. It's easy to point a finger at him and his crew, but there is no one who is pointing a finger that actually has an answer as to something that makes sense and will work. The team has to be a powerhouse. That's not on the marketing department.
Last year's attendance was the lowest since before the WS championship.....but it still beats out the attendance total of every single season between the 1994 strike and 2004. (I have no idea how TV ratings compare).

So, I'd say the WS win is still good for the Sox. I don't think it's the raised expectations that is the problem with this franchise. It's that this year is 5 years since the last Sox playoff appearance and not much reason to believe that things will change any time soon.
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