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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
But it is that simple. When you're late in a game with a lead you make darn sure you win THAT game; particularly when it's a close game, you don't leave bullets in the chamber worrying about tomorrow.
The White Sox didn't have the lead late in the game. They lost the lead midway through the game. That was a big difference. If they had the lead late, you wouldn't have seen Veal unless it was to get out a lefty. If Santiago had pitched into the sixth instead of the fourth, you probably wouldn't have seen Jones stay in to pitch multiple innings.

No major league managers manage in May without regard to how their moves will affect upcoming games, no successful ones anyway. Jerry Manuel was accused of burning out both his starting rotation and his bullpen at various times. So was Dusty Baker. Terry Bevington once called for a pitcher to come into a game before he even started to warm up, such was his no-tomorrow attitude. For that matter, some accused Robin Ventura of burning out his bullpen last year. Pitch counts are only relevant because teams are thinking of future games. The National last year had a team that had a chance to go to the World Series when they shut down their best pitcher because he reached what most people outside the organization considered an arbitrary innings limit.
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