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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
I disagree with this. To me, this year feels a lot like 1999. I don't if I would call guys like Jim Parque, Mike Sirtoka, Mike Caruso, etc. all that exciting if I put my mind in my 1999 self. It isn't that much different than Santiago, Quintana, Nate Jones, Addison Reed et al that we have now. It only feels like it was a more exciting core because of what happened in 2000. I remember things being bleak as hell in the late '90's. Plus, Thomas appeared to be on a downward trajectory in the late '90's. 2000 was his triumphant comeback year.
Well, neither would I, but I never said I was talking about those 3 guys. I'm talking about Konerko, Ordonez, and Lee.

I'm not saying I had a blast watching the Sox during the '99 season - it was definitely a bad year, but those 3 guys did form a solid core of young talent that gave me hope for better days to come (and I thought so even before 2000). Other than Chris Sale, I don't see anyone even close to the caliber of those guys this year. Peavy and Rios are good, but they're both in their 30s and aren't exactly the future of this team.

I'm not disputing that the late 90s were a bleak time - it was fresh off the white flag trade and the '94 strike was still fresh in peoples memories. It was also a pre-renovation "New Comiskey" that looked much worse than the park does today. People whine about the neighbor around the Cell today, but things were much worse 15 years ago. Overall, the Sox were much, much less relevant in Chicago in 1999 than they are today.

....but all that being said, i'd still say the team on the field this year is less interesting to me than the 1999 team.
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