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Originally Posted by 24thStFan View Post
In 2012 the Sox ranked 11th in total payroll behind markets like Milwaukee, Detroit, and St. Louis. In addition the difference between the team with the highest payroll (surprise, the Yankees) and the Sox was over $100 million.

My point is the Sox don't behave like a big market team. We're cheap and now we're suffering the consequences.
Of the teams that had a higher payroll than the Sox last year, only Milwaukee, Detroit and St. Louis could be considered small markets. Milwaukee outspent the Sox by a whopping $700,000; St. Louis was coming off a World Series championship; and Detroit, well, they should be commended for spending.

You neglected to note the teams the Sox outspent last year: the Cubs, Mets and Dodgers; the NL Central champion Reds; the NL East champion Nationals; the AL West champion A's; and wild card qualifiers Orioles and Braves.

Yeah, I wish the Sox would spend more. Of course. But spending WISELY is a much higher priority.
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