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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
I disagree with this. To me, this year feels a lot like 1999. I don't if I would call guys like Jim Parque, Mike Sirtoka, Mike Caruso, etc. all that exciting if I put my mind in my 1999 self. It isn't that much different than Santiago, Quintana, Nate Jones, Addison Reed et al that we have now. It only feels like it was a more exciting core because of what happened in 2000. I remember things being bleak as hell in the late '90's.
I was the one who made the 1999 reference, but to be fair, that team did have Magglio and Carlos Lee, not to mention rookie of the year contender Chris Singleton. And Konerko, while nobody could have guessed he would become the franchise icon that he has, did hit 24 HRs that year.

But I haven't felt this much apathy in the fanbase and the city towards the Sox since 1999. Thankfully we don't have nearly the attendance woes we had back then--20,000 was considered a great crowd--but the malaise and general disinterest is palpable and comparable.
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