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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I could not agree with him more on his rundown of local radio and tv. He's correct. How a guy like Laurence Holmes is on television in a market like Chicago in unbelievable. 20 years ago, Holmes would be lucky to have a job in Evansville, Indiana.

This is not meant to be a political comment so I hope no one takes it as such, just a comment on the reality of the situation as opposed to say 35 years ago when I started. (and even then it was coming into play...)

Ethnic diversity as well as sexual diversity plays a big part in shaping who gets hired, who gets on the air today. For good or bad that's the way it is. I've always strongly believed the most talented people should get the media jobs...period. If that means they are all female... so be it, all be it, all male be it. I don't care...I want the best people because as an owner of a station I'd figure the most talented people will bring me more listeners...more viewers. That will bring in more advertisers...which means more money for me.

I agree, you see in all markets individuals who have trouble speaking clearly, writing, putting coherent thoughts together and you ask yourself how in the world are they in radio? in TV??

That's part of the reason why. Not saying if that attitude is good or bad, simply telling you that's the way it is.

In 1975 at the national association of broadcasters convention Walter Cronkite, the key note speaker, ripped apart his medium for doing some of the issues that have come into play today. In fact he went farther than that blistering the medium for hiring people on the basis of looks as well in addition to as he put it, "telling people what they want to hear" from a news stand point instead of "telling them what they need to know."

Whenever this stuff comes up I immediately think of Sid Garcia who worked at WGN-TV in the late 80's, early 90's. He was flat out terrible. I'd watch him in Louisiana and think 'this guy is in the #3 market in the country?' He stumbled, he mumbled, he was scared to death on the air and because of that fear would, some shows, literally use the same catch phrase "check it out..." three or four times! in the same three or four minutes. It was comedically bad.

I actually wrote the WGN-TV news director expressing my thoughts on him. The news director wrote back and said (paraphrasing) that Sid was hired in part because he scored the highest in audience recognition tests. When I read that I wrote the guy back again and said "the reason he scored the highest was because he's so bad folks remember it. Is that the reason you hire people...because they are bad??"

I never got a reply from the news director to that comment. LOL.


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