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Originally Posted by billyvsox View Post
Good to hear we have at least a few guys doing well in the minors. I totally agree that Danks should be getting his chance to play now. It can't hurt anything. I don't understand why guys like Wise and Wells, even Tyler Greene need to part of this right now. Play some younger prospects, let the journeymen hook on somewhere else and begin the process of rebuilding.
I agree, but remember in throwaway 2007, the Sox did the same thing. Bukvich and Myers pitched, while Gio toiled in the minors. Guillen had enough of Sweeney after 3 weeks, while awed by Jerry Owens. Assorted other AAAA stiffs played as the injuries mounted, and the young players didn't.
I don't understand Danks or the like not being up here, when he'd displace a clown, but the Sox lover their bad veterans.
That said, there's no need to rush anyone either.
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