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I usually get to the ballpark 5 to 10 times a year (less lately since we have a toddler) and Saturday night was my first game of the year since I had the flu around Opening Day. A few observations:

-Park staff was generally cheerful and helpful.

-I'm late to the party on the whole "Pirates" video intro deal, but I thought the new one was OK. I still prefer the old one though.

-Midwest Beers stand has a tasty selection. My friend and I went through a few Barfly and Mad Hatter IPA's.

-For the first time I saw the "Rise Above" texting program actually work. A drunk guy was horsing around in the aisle in the 3rd inning and wound up falling into a man and his young son who were seated. Apparently the drunk wasn't very apologetic and continued up the steps to the concourse. Security personnel came down the next inning to let his friends know someone had better take responsibility for their drunk pal, or else he'd be tossed. His sister was sitting behind us and was pretty lippy and defensive about it, saying she had a "group of a hunnert people" there and wondered if she had to "buy the guy an f-ing hot dog or something" to make amends.

Shortly after this the sister got a call on her cell that the drunk had been ejected from the park. Based on their conversations for the rest of the game this was not a surprise to her group. Bravo to Sox security for taking care of business.

-At the top of our section (108) I didn't see anyone checking tickets before or during the game, and we got to our seats around 5:30. The big group mentioned above kept coming down in waves throughout the game (they were very busy going outside to smoke and/or buy more beers) and more often than not they would come back down the wrong aisle and have to inch their way past 8 or 10 people to get to their seats. The product on the field isn't much to look at lately, but it's hard to do so when you're craning your neck around a bunch of goofs every inning or so.

-Postgame parking lot attendants continue to be less than helpful. They just can't wait to get you out of the lots so you can sit in bumper to bumper traffic on the side streets around the stadium and go nowhere for 20 minutes.

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