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I don't blame Robin- this roster and our overall org talent level cannot withstand losing 2 starting pitchers (Danks & Floyd), a starting 2nd baseman (Beckam) and starting LF (Viciedo).

Especially the position players- the fact that those injuries lead us to retread/AAAA players like Wise, Greene and Wells is a complete indictment of the KW Era (especially 2007-2012)- zero help at AA/AAA- so Hahn has to go to the scrap heap for reinforcements.

Add the worst DH in major league history (Dunn) and an overrated catching prospect (Flowers)- more KW moves- and this is one warm pile of crap of a team- 99% of this is at KW's doorstep.

It will take years for Hahn to turn this around-
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