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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
A number fans on this and other sites were leery of hiring the inexperienced Ventura.
And...? Does anyone seriously think a different manager would've been able to correct this mess?

Most of the pitching aside, the MLB roster is atrocious (and don't even get me started on our prospects). Heck, even with the pitching, I tend to think that there's only a handful of guys on this roster that other teams would be interested in having at the price we're paying.

As for Robin making these comments, he probably deserves some criticism for this. What changes can he make? With the exception of sending Dunn off with a one-way ticket to anywhere-but-here, what can he do?

Oh, and as for the prospects I mentioned let's look at the offensive guys from our Top 10 - according to BP - and Jared Mitchell as a fun toss-in...
1.OF Courtney Hawkins (A+) .177/.247/.456 45 Ks
2.OF Trayce Thompson (AA) .227/.352/.386 35 Ks
3.IF Carlos Sanchez (AAA) .215/.297/.262 21 Ks
7.CF Keenyn Walker (AA) .195/.323/.256 45 Ks
10. 1B Keon Barnum (Rk) .279/.347/.512 13 Ks
OF Jared Mitchell (AAA/AA) .149/.318/.224 31 Ks

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