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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Its sad that on May 13th I don't get upset when they lose because it doesn't seem to matter. Really depressing.
Shingo: wait all winter for the games to start and what they mean to you (memories of teams / games past, summer days and nights etc...) and then this happens.

Just makes the summer seem, not worthless but far less that it could be or should be.


JB: De Aza also decided to make a throw to 3rd base for some bizarre reason which allowed Morneau to move into second base where he scored easily on a hit. That's not a physical error but a really, really stupid mental one...something the Sox have been guilty of for a long, long time. Just baseball dumb players the past few years. And naturally nothing is done about it...guys aren't waived, guys aren't benched, guys aren't fined...nothing is done.

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