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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh for Christ's sake, the other 29 teams would have done the exact same thing; when you have a chance to keep both crappy players why get rid of one for the other? Wise and Danks are completely interchangeable players.

The only people being stupid are the people who get worked up over whether Wise or Danks deserves to be man #25 on this roster.

P.S. by sending him to Charlotte to play regularly instead of sit on the bench 6 days a week, you can argue the Sox actually hold Danks in higher regard than Wise.
Actually, if you are only using your 4th outfielder once a week, you better have 3 studs playing in front of him. Now considering the White Sox are one of the weakest offensive teams in baseball, I would think the 4th outfielder would get a chance to play several times a week.
Also, I don't think options is even a concern. If you kept Danks and DFA'd Wise, my guess is Wise claears waivers and could go to AAA. If someone claims him, even better, you have found a great future trading partner when the time comes.
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