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Decided to post this here rather than start a new thread about it.

While walking down the ramp after the game tonight, I saw the giant pictures from the '05 World Series with appropriate captions. One part about it upset me. Apparently, in the caption describing Konerko's grand slam, somebody either wrote or carved a certain slur that rhymes with "rag" next to our captain's name.

Does any team employee even know about this? Vandalism of this kind should not be tolerated at the ballpark. Okay, if it was a playground restroom or highway tunnel in the city, it wouldn't phase me as much because you expect that stuff there. At a Major League park though? And on a piece that celebrates a proud moment for this franchise? Absolutely baffling. Kids can see that too. I don't know or care who decided to be a junior high student, but can this please be fixed? People really should not have to see that.
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