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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Ehh, he was a huge reach when we drafted him, he was a quick sign pick, that was well known.

Look at his home/road splits. In a month, he is going to regress to his norm. He is a solid defender, he will have a role on a big league team, but to throw out his entire body of work historically (even not looking at the years he was ill), because of a couple good road series is comical.

The potential of Flowers is >>>>>>>>>>>> The potential of Phegley... you have to give him the time as a starter to see what he does over a full year.

What I don't get is how people who clamor for Beckham to stay at 2b for his D will not give Tyler Flowers 1/3 the time Beckham has had, when Flowers is providing equal defense at a more defensive position.
You know why...

Originally Posted by shoota
I'm not counting this homerun or his 3 RBI from today's game because of the game situation. I'm not counting his pinch hit solo homerun in a blowout win in Colorado. In my book, Crede has 2 less home runs than his statistics show, 4 less RBI, and one less walk (the one where he pinch hit for Uribe after coming in with a 3-0 count and taking one pitch).
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