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Default Flowers or Phegley?

Flowers was below average with the bat in parts of the last two seasons, and shows no signs of improving based on his horribly bad start to the year. His career numbers in 407 PAs (.200/.296/.383) are starting to look more and more like another former White Sox prospect's numbers (.205/.284/.352). That line belongs to Joe Borchard.

Should Flowers get sent to AAA to work on his mechanics, or downgraded to a platoon role with Josh Phegley? Phegley at least has put together some flashy offensive numbers in AAA this year.

If Flowers maintains this offensive offensive production for another month or so, I don't see how the organization can rationalize keeping him in the lineup nearly every day. It may be time to admit the Flowers experiment (which I was in favor of, actually...had to find out if he could hack it eventually) is nearing an end.

That's not to say he can't turn it around, but the evidence is piling against him with every long, desperate swing he takes at those 1-2 curves.
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