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Originally Posted by Procol Harum View Post
Wow, that's tough--I started watching in the early '60s and those teams' hitting was pathetic. That said, I think the mid-60s Sox teams were better hitters in the clutch and existed within a context of the dominant pitching in that era so didn't look as bad in comparison to their competition. You may be right....
When you say early 60s, the 60 team hit .275 as a team, thats good but as the decade went on the hitting went downhill but the pitching was fantastic as we won over 90 games 3 years in a row in 63, 64 and 65. As for 67 and 68 the hitting was horrible but the pitchers dominated the game in those years and MLB to increase hitting lowered the height of the mound in 1969. Sox hitting picked up in 69 with Melton and May helping the offense, Carlos might have been ROY if he hadn't lost part of his thumb while on National Guard duty in August. They batted .225 in 1967 and .228 in 1968 and .247 in 69. Because it was a pitchers game in 67 and 68 I will stand by my original statement that so far the 2013 White Sox are the worst hitting team since I started following them in 1953.
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