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I can understand the perspective of the team dealing with the rooftop owners. But if you sign a contract, you shouldn't decide later to push it.

And that's what Ricketts is doing - pushing everyone a little more to see what he can get. If he gets more, why not push a little more. 3 concerts, 5 concerts, concerts with a street fair, more nite games, more seats, more video boards, more ads, even more nite games, etc. Give him what he wants and 2-3 years later, he'll be at it again.

The thought that the Cubs need some of these concessions to be economically viable is downright laughable.

The residents have a legitimate concern, and as anyone who's gone to the bars in the area on a Friday or Saturday night can attest to, the last thing they want are a ton of drunken idiots hanging out at "Cubs Square" all hours of the night. Plus this wouldn't just an issue during Cubs dates, that would be a year-round issue.

Ironic, the Cubs used the Trib use to spin lies about Bridgeport being problematic...
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