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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
This and That:

Gonzo told me Santiago was in the clubhouse and just lost track of the game. Why someone on the bench didn't pick up on the fact that he wasn't in the dugout I have no idea.

The Sox teams of the mid 60's were well schooled in the fundamentals. Both Lopez and Stanky demanded it. If you couldn't execute a bunt, move a runner over or didn't get a guy home from 3rd with less than two outs you didn't play, period. In fact Stanky would fine guys for not doing those things (and to be fair he'd reward guys with things like a new pair of shoes for stolen bases things like that)

The Sox had the best pitching staffs in the league (maybe in baseball) from 63 through 67, and that was a large part of their success but they had to have some hitting. At least those guys got it done enough to average 92 wins a season in that time period.

These guys? No ****ing way.

Sox have now scored three runs or less in 52% of their games so far this year.

Which is one reason why I have no confidence in a rebuild actually working. The players just aren't brought up with good knowledge for how to play. Clayton Richard bashed the coaching after he left and he might have a point.
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