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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
A manager's job is finding an avenue to win, and he has to look at what he believes a player is most likely to do when putting together a lineup. Wise has certainly more resembled that player lately than others. Fans don't like it, but depending on the pitcher the Sox are facing, if I am in Ventura's shoes putting together a lineup, I would go with Wise over some other guys right now. It must be frustrating waiting for De Aza and Keppinger to come around, and that's just the first two hitters in the lineup.

The fact that he looks like a player who could help a team is probably why he gets picked up even after a team lets him go because they believe they have better options. He has spurts where he plays very well. In the 2008 ALDS, he was probably the most dangerous White Sox hitter. That's what he has shown he is capable of doing. He also has stretches where his offense disappears, which is the Dewayne Wise fans tend to remember.

All very good points.
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