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Originally Posted by Parrothead View Post
you won't have to worry about all the lights and signs, they will be facing inside the park and there will be big scoreboards in the outfield to shield the lights from getting to the rooftops.

You all you people knew the park was there before you moved in (unless you moved there over 100 years ago) quit complaining. It is like moving near an airport and complaining about the noise.
Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
**** that. The Ricketts have been here for 3 seasons and they're suddenly allowed to run this neighborhood like they own the place? What a ****ing joke. They knew what they were getting into when they plunked down nearly a billion dollars for the team and the park (or, if they didn't, they're morons who don't deserve pity either way). Nobody here is asking the Cubs to retract what they already do, almost all of us who live here are well aware of the sacrifices we have to make for the Cubs and we accept them, but that doesn't mean giving them a blank check to destroy the fabric of this place that drew us here in the first place. I don't care what the Cubs do with their own building, but when you start talking about throwing up skywalks and electronic advertising outside the park? Then you start infringing on the public space.

Again, I get that some of you guys live in miserable places and have given up hope. That's fine. Those of us who live here don't. Every community in Chicago that is still thriving can thank a strong, tight-knit community advocacy groups that ensure that quality of life for the residents of the neighborhood is still a priority in the city's business. If the Cubs don't like it, they can move to ****ing Rosemont. They can build a replica of their ****hole in a ****hole town. It's karma.
Ricketts thinks that he bought a neighborhood and not a baseball team and its park. The sheer arrogance of this is appalling, it has now gone beyond a "baseball thing" because we're talking about transforming an entire community's character.

The Tribune Company could have easily done the same thing. They had the money, they had the political clout. They chose to be responsible neighbors.

I'm looking forward to the day the karma comes back around and bites Ricketts in the ass. It will happen. Not today. Not tomorrow. But some day.....

This whole thing started as "we need to renovate Wrigley Field" to "we need to make people forget that the Cubs play baseball and the Cubs are a Disney-like source of entertainment."

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