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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
At least Jordan redeemed himself in this game. The baserunning was laughable (understatement). The bullpen was terrific today and they will usually give us a chance.
Offensive frustration can put a team in a position where it will make mistakes trying to do too much, especially if you're playing with the mindset that you're playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Bad baserunning might be why the White Sox didn't go to the World Series in 1983 in that brutal Britt Burns ALCS loss to end the season, so I guess bad baserunning is a White Sox tradition. If Danks had kept coming to the plate once he saw he was too far off third to get back with the ball on the infield, he may have forced a mistake, bad baserunning or not. As it was, he gave the defense a pause to regroup. A runner with a run-scoring mindset of Lance Johnson might have come around to try to score knowing the ball didn't get past the infielders to pressure the defense. When Sammy Sosa was playing for the Sox, he won a game in the bottom of the ninth scoring from second on a ground ball fielded cleanly by the Angels first baseman.

But I half-expected Danks to hit a home run after Rios was caught stealing. Such pitchers in such situations often ease up after a runner is thrown out on the bases. Danks only had one career homer coming into the game, but it was a bottom-of-the-ninth game-ender against the A's last summer, just a few days before he was sent down to make room for Wise, I believe.

As for the bullpen, the Sox would have a winning record this year if the bullpen pitched as well as it did most of the weekend, the exception being the Sunday ninth by Reed. Maybe if the Sox didn't play in so many close games, the bullpen would have a better success rate. In these last six road games in the DFW Metroplex and Kansas City, the bullpen took two losses., the first letting a game get away after Wise tied the game with a homer and the first Reed blown save. The bullpen played a big role in ever loss from the previous homestand. And, yet, it looks like an excellent bullpen and feels like it should be doing much better. Today's save by Reed was the best he has looked on the roadtrip, which is expecially good to see.

The Sox cold have been swept in this series, especially if KC hadn't gone to the closer in the ninth. Maybe Shields was tiring, but he didn't look it. Perhaps if Guthrie had come out in Saturday's ninth, the Sox would have been one Sunday strike away from a sweep. To come out of these six games with a split is a bit frustrating. And they head to New York to face a team that has been just as inconsistent as they have been, opening against a pitcher who has tough against teams with clicking offenses.
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