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Originally Posted by billyvsox View Post
No doubt, I have been as negative about this team as any, but there are actually some positives today.

....the team didn't totally give up after the blown HR call like I did
....Alexei picked up Paulie after the GIDPK with a big hit
....Danks redeemed himself with the big GWHR
....Reed bounced right back against the heart of the lineup with a clutch save

Now about DWise base running blunders x 2. It really makes no sense to me to have him playing CF over Danks. We know what Wise can do (or not do). Why not see what Danks can do with regular playing time.

It would also be nice to have a right handed OF to spell DeAza, Danks, and Wise against lefties
Farmio said during the game that Danks had banged into a wall in his last outing. That may explain him not getting any playing time of late, but maybe not...
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