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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Everybody knows I hate walks, but in today's case, it was *who* we walked that really bothered me. In both the eighth and ninth innings, we walked the No. 8 and No. 9 hitters back-to-back. Getz and Kottaras? Neither of these two players is a good hitter. They are batting .229 and .222, respectively.

That allowed the lineup to turn over, and it put the Sox in a position where Gordon, Escobar or Butler could hurt them. Butler hurt them in the ninth. Gordon hurt them in the 10th.

You have to make bums like Getz and Kottaras hit their way on. Sox relievers refused to do so. Or in the one case, the bench was inexplicably fearful of Getz and ordered an intentional walk.

That's just bad baseball. It's embarrassing.

Who is more likely to beat you? Getz or Kottaras? Or Butler and Gordon? I think there's an easy answer to that question. So why the hell are we walking Getz and Kottaras?

If you're afraid of Chirs friggin Getz, you need a new job. Omgrosso (sp) isn't good enough to be putting anybody on base on purpose. Like you said; that was one batter closer to turning over the lineup. I can't stand this "managing scared" bull**** either. IT'S CHRIS GETZ.
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