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Some guys have a very hard time making the adjustment. All your adult life you are worshiped and put on a pedestal then just like that it's over. As Henry Higgins from Goodfellows said, now I'm just another schnook.
That being said, Thome is a class act he will be fine no matter what he decides to do either as a coach or manager or out of the game.
I went golfing one day with a former major leaguer who had not played for 20 years and he wanted to be comped because he once was a major leaguer.
Guy at the desk said "nice to meet you, that will be 90 dollars."

Related story; when I was a desk jockey down in Naples, I comped a former White Sox pitcher and some members who were in the pro shop at the time complained to the head pro about it.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.

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