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"Catfish" was pitching, did you expect anything else? Seriously...

Look for the Royals to pitch this guy every single series against the Sox, even if they have to adjust their rotation.

He's as much in the Sox heads as Verlander.

Between the two they'll beat the Sox seven or eight times this season.

Sox batting averages, for the starters tonight after the game:

.250, .186, .255 (Rios has completely dropped off the face of the Earth...), .143, .238, .306 (Gillaspie), .283 (Ramirez), .192, .188

We're five weeks into the season and the Sox have four guys hitting under .200 in the starting lineup.

Not much you can say except unadulterated garbage.

6th time already this year the Sox have lost a game when allowing three runs or less.


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