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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Look how fast the Blackhawks went from complete irrelevance to fan favorite. The city responds to winning.
Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
For those who posit that if the White Sox win people will fill the place, I respectfully ask for an explanation of last September's attendance while the White Sox were in first place. That stretch of games showed me something is very wrong in White Sox Country. People didn't show up.
As I think someone already mentioned, when we say that winning draws, we're not talking about a team that unexpectedly contends for 5 months, collapses down the stretch, does nothing in the offseason, and predictably stumbles out of the gate the next year, thus fulfilling the prognostications of most experts. We're talking about a team that makes the playoffs 5+ years in a row, to the point where it's considered a foregone conclusion by everyone that they will be in contention. Every year we go through the same thing-- "no one's picking the Sox, but if this and this and this and this all go right, they could surprise some people". No. People will start showing up (this especially applies to April and May) consistently when the conversation in February is consistently about "Who's the Sox' biggest challenger for the division crown this year?"
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