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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I believe I stated Is that true? Wouldn't it take a little bit of time and research to confirm or refute that? I have no idea myself.

See above response. I did state that in their history the Sox have usually had trouble with quality depth, so when a major contributor went down it hurt them. I stand by that. I never said the Sox were unluckier than other teams or that the league or any other force was conspiring against them. Seriously guys, have at my posts. At least read them before you do.
I thought what I posted was self-evidently true, that annually most players disabled don't play for the White Sox. Others have posted in this thread and others how White Sox disabled-list use compares historically with other teams' disabled-list use. I didn't think it was necessary to make that point.

But it is easy for me to believe the White Sox haven't been injured as much as other teams have in recent history because I watch other teams that have bigger injury problems year after year. Complaining about injuries derailing seasons and some inherent dark cloud hanging over the franchise doesn't resonate with me in part because when their greatest franchise star was last injured for most of the season, the White Sox went on to win the World Series after leading the American League in wins. Some might still want to complain about Paul Edmonson, who had that one great game in his major league debut in 1969 (although it wasn't as impressive as the three-hit shutout Jerry Janeski threw against the A's the following April), but it really isn't relevant to 2013.

Most teams have problems with depth in 2013. That is why Dewayne Wise was the starting left fielder for baseball's most storied franchise for a time last summer. That is why a team one year removed and one year out from winning the World Series would employ Chris Stewart as its starting catcher. I haven't checked out the Yankees in a week, but it wouldn't surprise me if Chris Stewart is now the Yankees starting catcher.

If you don't pay attention to other teams or don't care about other teams you won't have noticed that they have injuries, and their complaining about injuries costing their team their successes are common and even a bit tiresome.
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