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While acknowledging the Sox have lost the fewest players to the DL in the last 10 years as I've mentioned before that doesn't mean they've been immune.

Remember 2001? (Six pitchers coming off surgery from 2000, not ready for the season or forced to work while not ready. The staff was basically done before the season started. Only 'good news' Buehrle was moved into the rotation in spring training because Manager Ghandi didn't have enough healthy arms.)

Remember 2004? (Thomas and Ordonez missed the back half of the season with serious injuries)

Remember 2007? (Not saying that team was going to be good, but it didn't help when they had position starters lost for lenghty appearances)

How about the stretch drive of 2010? (Seemingly every guy in the bullpen went down - Thornton, Putz, and I can't remember the other guys)

Last year they lost Danks, Floyd (twice), Humber...who else am I missing?

I realize the Sox overall have done better than other teams but because of the lack of depth in the system and the lack of a decent bench, when they get injuries they can't overcome them.

The Cardinals keep getting hammered by injuries yet somehow they keep winning divisions and getting to the playoffs.

The Yankees have seemingly half their guys on the DL, somehow they are 17-10. When those guys get back, watch out.

That's all I'm saying, so don't over react folks. Many of you have said the same thing about the Sox lack of depth. This is turning out to be one of those years (again).

Thank you.

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