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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
What I find "disappointing" is how quickly Sox fans turn on a former favorite, especially when it is done to support a Sox team that in no way deserves our support. I know, it's the laundry, but they have messed that up too.

AJ found a home in Chicago, contributed quite a lot to the team and the city, and wanted to retire with the Sox. Instead he gets a crappy one-year contract with no future so the Sox could give his spot to someone who had never shown any indication he could fill it and clearly can't. Go AJ!
Oh, give me a break. I don't need the Sox to have to "earn" or "deserve" my devotion. I'm a White Sox fan, as I have for years and always will be. Just because I understand the Sox's business decision (because, this is a business, sorry the reserve clause isn't coming back) to not offer a contract to a 36-year-old catcher coming off a career year while in the middle of a significant roster turnover. After almost a decade of forgetting why I hated him in the first place, I found it funny he needed only about 10 seconds to remind us all... Throw your arm out in a pitch and throw your bat and whine all the way down to first base? It's all for entertainment, anyways.

I'll still give AJ an applause when the Rangers come to town. I'll cheer for him when he comes back to the park one day to throw out a first pitch. But he's simply on another team now, so the Sox take priority.

The only guy I still haven't forgiven is Ozzie. **** that piece of ****.

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