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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
When it rains, it pours.
Not much going our way this year.
Yup, this is turning into an episode of MASH*.. No worries though.. The way this division shuffles, 4.5 back in early May is no biggie. 10 games out, Shine up the clubs, break out the fishing gear, and plan a summer of yard beautification on the homestead .Get this comedy of errors out of the system early. Rather see them have a chance to right the ship now, than see this implosion the last month of the season..

Hey, we're Sox fans. Its not as though we havent seen any more bizzare things happen to the team in the past. This is just another one of those, "I thought I saw everything, but I guess not".

Bottom line is 30 years ago they won UGLY... I thing 2013's motto is gonna be 'Winning Uglier" when all is said and done.

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