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This and That:

Dump, personally I don't care for EE myself but as you suggest his ideas were brilliant especially connected with the TV aspect. SportsVision was ahead of its time but failed because of the economy, the newness of the idea and because as you said Chicago was the wrong market (two team town) to try it.

EE was part of the effort to move to Florida in large part because of the TV revenue that would have been generated by such a move. According to Helyar in his book, "The Lords of the Realm," the Sox without selling a single ticket had they moved to Florida would have been the second most profitable team in MLB just because of the TV deal they could have had. Again as a Sox fan, I hated that idea but I have to give EE credit, he knew TV money was going to drive the sport and as history has shown it is, just ask the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Rangers and Dodgers.

King, as I talked about in my two part history of the Sox and the media since the 1950's, being in first place for three months after a losing season the year before and without even having back to back winning seasons since 05-06 is not the way to get skeptical fans to come out. Winning means, as other have said, a legit contender for the playoffs, not only by winning a crappy diivsion with 85 wins or so, but a legit contender for the pennant. And having that opinion for a few years in a row.

Brian, he did and then for some reason he stopped the approach. Don't know why as the fans loved the two campaigns (us vs. them, grinder rules). Was it his call or was he overruled by someone higher up in the organization?

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