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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Didn't the Sox take on the Cubs at the end of '04 or in '05 when Brooks first came aboard? Or am I'm confusing myself with those Pepsi commercials where Magglio loaded up Sosa's tacos with hot sauce?
It has been a very strange approach toward the Cubs. Guillen trashing Wrigley comes to mind as being the most prominent, or Reinsdorf - almost at the pinnacle of accomplishment (going to the '05 World Series and waiting for the NL pennant winner) - uttering something which I considered the height of stupidity about wishing St. Louis would win the pennant in order to vex Cubs fans. Why in God's name he would invoke anything about the Cubs in that situation was, and still is, beyond me.

I don't think that's what meant by "taking on the Cubs" or at least I hope not, because in my opinion it makes the White Sox look small.
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