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I need to make myself clearer. Changing the marketing approach is mutually exclusive from fielding a competitive team. I do not expect the GM, scouts and coaches shift their priorities away from success on the field while a new marketing program is rolled out. Should the team be successful it will compliment the marketing efforts and visa versa.

Someone posted they didn't understand the marketing correlation between Disney World, gambling boats etc. and I'll try to explain that as well. Marketing, in it's purest form, is the art of separating people from their cash because they want your product. A Disney vacation, a trip to the Horseshoe and a White Sox game are all products. They all compete with one another for a household's entertainment dollar. The White Sox have to start marketing their entire product - not just piecemeal parts of it. Their approach just isn't cohesive enough.

A few years ago, SI had an article which complimented the Cubs on being able to turn a baseball game into a "fiesta" (I think that was the term they used) and it focused on the entire event being a celebration of sorts in addition to a baseball game. The White Sox are, and have been, missing that element for a long time. People go to Disney to have a good time (personally I don't think that's possible), they go to Horseshoe to have a good time but with the White Sox - as has been posted on this blog for over ten years - well they must win in order for people to call it a good time. Sure winning is important, and the entire organization needs to look at each loss as a failure, but that cannot be the outlook of the fans, and correctly marketing this team would go a long way toward separating the two.

For those who posit that if the White Sox win people will fill the place, I respectfully ask for an explanation of last September's attendance while the White Sox were in first place. That stretch of games showed me something is very wrong in White Sox Country. People didn't show up.

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