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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Well, assuming Hahn has total control over personnel choices, he has to clean up the mess left behind by Kenny and that wasn't going to happen overnight or during one off season. If Kenny still has a lot of say in personnel moves though, the White Sox might be in a LOT trouble.
Hahn was also part of Kenny's management team that brought us this mess over the last 5 years. I'm doubtful there's going to be a change in how the organization builds this team. Maybe the biggest change we'll see is less of KW's "gun slinging" way of running the team, but it's still essentially the same management team

Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
The team being fielded right now, with all of the injuries and old players is the worst Sox team I've seen since the 1987-1989 teams.

It's sucks but it's the nature of pro sports. The build up, the success and then the slow decline.

We're in the decline and could be here for a couple of years.
At least in 1989, even though the Sox were on their way to a last place finish, they had a ton of promising prospects. I actually found that year a little exciting because it looked to me like a good solid nucleus was about to arrive in a year or two. I have absolutely no indication of that now. I suppose Hawkins is someone who could maybe be a star for us in 3 years or so, and it sounds like there are a few pitching prospects who could turn out to be decent. But it doesn't appear that there is a new core of competitive talent coming any time soon.

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